If determined by an IEP team, a student with continued transition service needs is eligible to receive transition services thru time of age-out, which is June 30th following the student’s 21st birthday. 

Numerous ‘formalized’ programs are being developed around South Dakota to assist students in receiving the needed transition services.  However, many school districts are ‘thinking out of the box’ and developing individualized programs for students in their district who will be in need of services through ‘age-out’. 

Augie AccessAcomprehensive transition and post-secondary program for young adults withintellectual and developmental disabilities

Dakota StrongA post-secondary program whichprovides a comprehensive set oftargeted supports and accommodations to assist students on the autism spectrum incompleting their degrees.


DWU/Lifequest Program A post-secondary 2-year certification programfor transition students with intellectual or developmental disabilities  


Transition Learning Community (TLC)– A post-secondary program available for special education students, 18‐21years old, who want to work toward achieving their post‐school outcomes.