Post-Secondary Education

Choosing the right college or university is a difficult and time-consuming process for any prospective student. The student’s IEP doesn’t “follow” them to college or a technical institute, however, laws require virtually all post-secondary institutions make substantial accommodations for students with disabilities. It is important for students with disabilities who plan on attending a college or university to be informed of their rights and responsibilities at the post-secondary.

TSLP Post-Secondary Tips for Parents

Colleges or technical institutes receiving federal funds must designate a person to help students with disabilities to access accommodations. This person may be known as a 504 Coordinator, Disability Coordinator, or may have some other title. A student must be able to self-advocate for services needed when working with an individual from the Disability Services Office at their college or technical institute.

Post-Secondary Disability Coordinator’s Contact Information

TSLP South Dakota  Post-Secondary Coordinators Training Webinar

Catch the Wave is a one-day conference designed specifically for high school students who have a disability and are considering post-secondary education (either college or technical institutes). Panel discussions with college students who are utilizing disability services office and disability coordinators discussing entrance and eligibility requirements will be held.

At this event, students will learn to:

  • Prepare now for college life
  • Secure appropriate accommodations
  • Develop self-advocacy needed at the post-secondary level

Catch The Wave Video

Key Differences Between High School and Post-Secondary School

Catch the Wave Manual

South Dakota Post-Secondary Documentation Disability Guide – This guide will assist all organizations to determine their roles and to assist students with disabilities who enroll in post-secondary education for the needed documentation.

Making My Way through College – A guide for any student pursuing a degree at a two or four-year college or technical institute.

ACT Accommodations

ACT Website

Think College – College options for people with intellectual disabilities

Best apps for students

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET)

South Dakota Board of Regents

Dakota Strong: A post-secondary program which provides a comprehensive set of targeted supports and accommodations to assist students on the autism spectrum in completing their degrees.

College Preparation Checklist

Select Dakota

Guide to assessing College Readiness

Periodic Table of Apps for Transition